DEBASER | Singles Mix by Jamie Jams & Stab Master Arson

When the SF Weekly asked us to do a mini-mix for their All Shook Down blog, we figured, why not go all out. So here it is, our first ever, full length, official Debaser mixtape. That only took three years to get around to!

We like our parties to be period accurate wherever possible. So in that spirit, we present you with our ode to love and love lost in the ’90s, themed around the classic, Cameron Crowe film, Singles. If you listen closely, you can hear some choice cuts from the film, but also the ringing, jangling sound of the fall of 1992.

By the time this film dropped, a lot of the artists featured both in the soundtrack and on this mix had been around for some time by the time, in many cases, since the 80′s, and were really only starting to break through to the mainstream just as Seattle, grunge and all things alternative were becoming the “Flavor of the Month” as the Posies say.

So “Come on Feel the Lemonheads”! Not to mention Morrissey, James, Sonic Youth, Juliana Hatfield, Liz Phair, Gin Blossums and a host of others. We even included some fun facts about each song in our article for the SF Weekly just to keep you entertained while you listen.

And without further ado, Singles!

DEBASER | Singles by Debaser90s


A mix by DJ’s Jamie Jams & Stab Master Arson

1.) The La’s – There She Goes
2.) Sugar – Helpless
3.) Morrissey – Every Day is Like Sunday
4.) James – Laid
5.) The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
6.) Pavement – Trigger Cut
7.) The Posies – Definite Door
8.) The Cranberries – Dreams
9.) Nirvana – Drain You
10.) P.J. Harvey – Sheela-Na-Gig
11.) Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick
12.) Fugazi – Brendan #1
13.) Collective Soul (feat. Ahmad) – Back in the Day
14.) Gin Blossums – Found Out About You
15.) The Lemonheads – Rudderless
16.) The Cure – Friday I’m in Love
17.) Liz Phair – Fuck and Run
18.) Juliana Hatfield – Everybody Loves Me But You
19.) Sonic Youth – My Friend Goo
20.) Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust
21.) Soul Asylum – Somebody to Shove
22.) Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign
23.) My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise
24.) Dinosaur Jr. – The Wagon
25.) Catherine Wheel – Show Me Mary
26.) Smashing Pumpkins – Drown
27.) Blind Melon – No Rain

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